Installing Windows 7 alongside Manjaro

Is it possible to install Windows 7 alongside the Manjaro installation on a single hdd and dual boot?
How would I go about doing that without having to re-install Manjaro?

There is a thread very similar to yours going on right now. You may want to reference it. But, yeah, the answer is YES, you can.

Looking to do this as well on Windows 10.

I remember back in the day (some Windows versions ago), Windows needed to be the OS to be installed first, then Linux second, to have a functioning Dual Boot.

That might have changed today. But if it has not, then this could be a potential issue. :slight_smile:

Honestly, if you have the money and since HD are CHEAP these days I would buy another HD to do it., I currently have Win10 on my SSD and Manjaro on my HD and there is not a problem updating either because I can tell my bios to boot off my 2nd HD.


Exactly, that’s what I would recommend too - if possible: one OS per drive.
Still, it’s entirely possible to install Windows and Manjaro on a single drive.

Strit, that’s a good question. It was also my assumption that installing Windows first was the way to go when using a single disk. On different disks, it doesn’t matter.

After installing windows on an existing Manjaro system, here’s one way to get back your Manjaro system.

Installing on another disk won’t do much, unless you’re on bios-legacy and (inclusive and) set to boot up from that disk (each and every time) you need to boot that OS (which is, to me, an unnecessary hassle).

Yeah, me as well. But I’ve noted a number of forum posts where it was necessary to do the reverse (no data backups possible, etc.) and the kiddies seem to have figured it out for the most part.

I’m just so glad those days are far, far gone for me. Once in a while I’ll install Windows just to remind myself how friggen fortunate we are to have Linux. :smiley:


/r/linuxmasterrace reminds me of this daily

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This seems a better choice.

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