Installing VST's from Pamac (add/remove)

Just wondered if, when using pacman (aka add/remove programs) if one gets to choose where they (VST effects and instruments) are installed to, or do they install to some preconfigured “locked in” destination?

If it is fixed, where do they actually go to? I have not done any yet just sussing out whether to use pacman or git.


PS: not sure, but perhaps I should specify I am looking at only native linux apps.

I don’t see this package in Manjaro’s repos nor in AUR. Best advice is probably to follow this link:

all path is fixed in package, we can read file list with path for all repo package (with pamac or pacman)
you want use aur or repos ? with aur : read PKGBUILD
for repo

sudo pacman -Fy && pacman -Fx /vst/

if package is installed

pamac list package_name -f
# or
pacman -Ql package_name
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Thanks, I’m pretty ok with how to do it, and using Windows vst’s but this time I am going 100% linux…so was jusut asking really after how these precompiled apps installed.

@papajoke, thanks that answers it. They go to a pre-configured destination.

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