Installing video-nvidia via mhwd removes nvidia driver 390

Hello all,

I just encountered that installing video-nvidia using # mhwd -f -i pci video-nvidia removes the support for version 390 of the Nvidia driver. Apparently, mhwd developers are convinced that the only Nvidia driver needed these days, is 455.

Being on a 550 GTX, I had to reinstall linux59-nvidia-390xx again in order to be able to boot to the desktop. For unknown reasons, linux-nvidia conflicts with linux59-nvidia-390xx.
That’s why mhwd is currently unusable for all those who are still using version 390 of the Nvidia driver.

Can this be fixed somehow?

Please see:

As I understand it you can use the 390 driver with the 5.4 lts kernel so you’ll probably need to install that. I not sure the 390 driver compile with the 5.9 kernel but I stand to be corrected

Nvdia 390 currently works with kernel 5.9 in Manjaro, courtesy of the Arch folks: [Solved] nVidia driver and kernel 5.9 / Kernel & Hardware / Arch Linux Forums

it even works from within mhwd as long as video-nvidia-390xx is installed.

Not to sound mean or anything but…
Isn’t installing video-nvidia the same as installing any other driver version?
I mean you want the 390 version but are installing the latest supported version and wonder why it removes the older version…

Indeed, trying to install video-nvidia gives you the information that it conflicts with linux59-nvidia390xx.

If you proceed, linux59-nvidia390xx gets removed but there is no adequate replacement provided by video-nvidia as this package seems to include version 455 of the Nvidia driver only.

Well, IMHO, tthe conflict is correct because it is a different version right?
Also the intended version of video-nvidia can be read in that link i gave, eg. it will not be a “virtual package” (place-holder) where other “versions” depend on, which would cause a selection of choices…

So if mhwd automatically selects video-nvidia as the driver for your card instead of the 390 version, then there is a problem there in the recognition of the driver needed…

Indeed, it looked like I had to reset mhwd installed configs (removed them all), after reading the Wiki, Configure Graphics Cards - Manjaro , then it turned out that there is a dedicated video-nvidia-390xx needed.
Looks like with this config, everything works as intended. This video-nvidia-390xx config loads linux54-nvidia-390xx and linux59-nvidia-390x as expcted and installs them.