Installing Ubuntu-based distro next to and after Manjaro

I haven’t had the best experiences doing that. What’s the best way to do this and still have a bootloader that successfully boots into Manjaro? When other distros take over the bootloader it always seems to mess things up for the Manjaro boot and I’m not sure what the best way is to restore the bootloader to Manjaro. I’ve seen plenty of posts and articles about it but I always run into errors or it simply doesn’t work.

Do not install other bootloader.

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But how do I stop the other OS from doing that? I know I could maybe do manual partitioning and remove bootflags for a while from the efi partition, but most OS’s then don’t even allow you to continue the install

You usually have the option to (not) install the bootloader, or to where you want it. If you cannot prevent its installation, you can select the installation partition rather than the drive, so that the drive bootloader stays in place.

Then you go back to Manjaro and sudo update-grub in order to add the new system to the list.

Damn, it’s that simple. Makes sense now
Cheers @maycne.sonahoz and @bogdancovaciu !

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