Installing two instances of a software piece using Pacman

Hello, I’m needing two instances(same version/different ones don’t matter) of IntelliJ installed on my computer, is there a way to install them via Pacman? Or I’ll have to do one via Pacman and a manual one?

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Manjaro does not support slotted software installations, like in e.g. Gentoo.

Perhaps we would be able to help you better if we knew what exactly you’re trying to accomplish by installing the same software twice. Why do (you think) you need two separately installed versions?

Thank you, I’m using the IDE for 2 different languages and I’ve got to use 2 different plugin sets, and they’ll likely interfere with each other.

What about a virtualization solution, e.g. via VirtualBox or Docker? Or if the plugins are installed at the level of the individual user, what about creating a separate user account with a different language and giving your main user account access to the second user’s home directory?

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I do use my ide(eclipse) with JAVA, C, C++, LUA, BASH, TRACWIKI without conflicts from plugins.
I think IntelliJ is able to handle this as good as eclipse.


@Aragorn @andreas85 Thank you guys, your replies helped a lot. Now I understand how to approach the issue. Smart solutions to silly problems :slight_smile:

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Alternatively, you could also use only user instances – hence not installed with pacman – and launch whichever you want when necessary.


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