Installing software through "add/remove"


I would like to install Megasync through Pamac/AUR, but I see several packages: what’s the difference between Megasync and Megasync-bin?

Thank you.


Megasync will build the package from source. Megasync-bin will install the pre-compiled binary, and is probably the one you want.

You can view the PKGBUILD by clicking on the package and the selecting Build files, there you will be able to see what the instructions for installing are.

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Please remember, custom packages AUR and flatpak etc. is possible but unsupported.

Thank you both.
So what would be the recommended way to install Megasync?

You can either use the pamac GUI or if you prefer the CLI use pamac build megasync-bin

I’m still confused by the use of build because I just have an alias install=pamac install and that will do pretty much the same deal. Install just seems more natural… but it will also build if required.

Pamac will warn you that it’s coming from the AUR and will do the pkgbuild as required.

I’ve always used build for installing things from the AUR, just habit I suppose.

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Lol yes, I still have bad habits from ‘apt install’… fortunately Pamac is forgiving.