Installing prebuilt binary

I’m not sure if this is a question applicable to this forum since it isn’t directly about Manjaro, if it isn’t then just let me know and I’ll post it else where.

I downloaded a tar file (abricotine-1.0.0-linux-x64.tar.gz) from: Releases · brrd/abricotine · GitHub

I can run the program by going into the extracted files and running ./abricotone. This isn’t really preferable though since I would like to be able to run it from the start menu as well as have the program be the default program for .md files. After a bit of searching, it seems that if I move the binary to /usr/bin it “installs” the program (I think). However, the binary requires the other files in the folder so I can’t just move the binary alone. Any ideas on how I should go about installing the app to the system?


This is in the AUR:

Thanks for the response, I tried to install it there first but there was an issue with NodeJS which is why I’m trying to install it from the prebuilt binary. Plus, I guess this is good practice for when I encounter a package that isn’t on the AUR.

If you prefer to keep using the software you downloaded into your home folder without installing it, adding it to start menu and setting it as default is rather easy (at least with KDE Plasma).

I don’t know how easy it is in other desktop environments, but with KDE Plasma all you need to do to get that app in the start menu is right click on the start button click edit applications, add new item and fill in the blanks, hit save and be on your way. Be aware you will need to click the advanced tab to enter the work path since the app is in your home directory.

And again if you’re using Plasma just go into System Settings - Applications - File Associations and set that program to be the default.

abricotine-bin in the AUR use the same pre-built binary you downloaded

Thanks for the response! I’ll give that a go if I can’t figure out how to install it regularly. Do you know of a way to install the application such that all the relevant files are in /usr and all other relevant folders so that all the app’s stuff falls in place as it is viewed as a proper application?

I installed that and there were no issues and now I have the app successfully installed! Since abricotine-bin uses the same binary as the one I downloaded, what did pacman do that resulted in it being a properly-installed application?

The original binary/package/tarball is re-packaged following the instructions of a PKGBUILD file (for abricotine-bin you can watch it here) and the package is then installed by pacman

Thank you very much! This is what I was trying to understand :slight_smile:

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