Installing screen-sharing app

Hi all! I’m pretty new to Manjaro, but I have experience with a few other Linux distributions, Ubuntu primarily, so I’m excited to be here.

I’d like to install a screen-sharing program called, but I’ve been having no luck so far.

When I search for it in pamac desktop program with the terms “pop”, “” and “” - which is's old name - it doesn’t seem to turn up, even if I enable AUR, Snap and Flatpak support.

When I go to's own download page, it gives me a .deb for Debian derivatives and a .rpm for Fedora derivatives.

I’ve heard of something in the Manjaro space called “debtap” for installing .deb files, but I understand that its use is strongly discouraged - I suppose for the same reason that installing from vetted repositories is strongly encouraged by all Linux distributions?

I’m also aware that ArchLinux/Manjaro has something called PKGBUILD, which has to do with how packages are built and distributed in the Manjaro world. But I’m unsure if I’d be able to create such a package myself.

Any advice on how I can get running on my computer, or any other thoughts?

It’s in the AUR as pop-bin maintained by the developers themselves.

D’oh! Thank you. I can confirm that installing pop-bin works. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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