Installing pacman frontend on Manjaro 17.1.7

Hello Guys,

I'm currently using Manjaro 17.1.7 because i had issues playing videos on 18.0.4 (latest Stable) on MPV player, is there any way to install pacman frontend on 17.1.7?

Thanks in advance.

There is Octopi.
I don't think you will be safe if you don't update your system. If you do update it, might end exactly where the 18.0.4 was, so you could have actually open a tread to help you out with the video while you had the 18.0.4 installed.
Also, without
inxi -Fxxxz
from terminal, and share the output (as text with ``` above and bellow it) is most likely that nobody will be able to guess the video issue.
Either way, for this post in particular, i think is solved :wink:

This use-case is not supported.

The "version number" only applies to the installer image. Once installed, there is one "version" of Manjaro: current. You must update otherwise your system is vulnerable to multiple security issues.

pacman is already installed on all editions. Pamac is already installed in Xfce and GNOME editions. Octopi is already installed in the KDE edition.

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I installed Manjaro 17.1.7 KDE Version and updated using pacman -Syyu command and i'm not having issue in playing video, but when i freshly installed 18.0.4 i had the problem playing video,
same happened in Linux Mint 19 and 19.1, in 19 i had no issue but in 19.1 i had some issues (may be the problem with Linux kernal).
And also i tried Manjaro 18 Preview build (released last week) and there is no issue.

In Manjaro version 18 KDE there is a fronted pacman but in 17 KDE there is not one, only i can use in konsole.

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What are you talking about? Octopi is present in
i have here, from Gellivara to Iilyria 18.0.4


Only on
Octopi was replaced with pamac-qt (still in development)

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The Manjaro 17 installers use kernel 4.14, 18 uses 4.19, so it could well be kernel-related.

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