Installing mhwd automatically brings mhwd-nvidia-390xx?

It seems that installing mhwd automatically installs the older mhwd nvidia driver 390xx. Is that behaviour by design? Would that conflict with mhwd-nvidia-450xx?

No, those are just database module-ids, not drivers.

Oops my bad, thanks for clarifying this. If I may ask a follow up it seems that mhwd is intertwined with mhwd-nvidia-390xx, removing it requires removing mhwd-db and mhwd. Why is that so, wouldn’t it be better to have only mhwd and mhwd-db without mhwd-nvidia-390xx

MHWD can’t do it’s job without it’s database and module-ids. :wink:

Thanks, it just seemed a bit odd that it brings an older database module-id rather than a newer one like for instance mhwd-nvidia-450xx, that’s all.

I know what you mean. It seems odd that mhwd-db depends on both mhwd-nvidia-390xx and mhwd-nvidia>=455 at the same time.

They’re now the only supported proprietary NVIDIA drivers, so MHWD needs the module-ids to detect video cards.


Wouldn’t mhwd-nvidia-390xx work better as an optional dependency?

No, because then it wouldn’t be installed by default and couldn’t detect video cards supported by it. I’ve already explained why it’s there. :wink:

Hmm… I see.

Got it, and I guess now nvidia drivers (i.e. latest) are renamed from nvidia-455xx into just nvidia.
linux414-nvidia-455xx --> linux414-nvidia
mhwd-nvidia-455xx --> mhwd-nvidia

Here’s another confusion that I have what does mhwd bring to the table that pacman can’t do?

I guess the question is if we can install nvidia drivers using pacman why do we need mhwd (besides easy of use) or am I missing sth fundamental?

See Manjaro Hardware Detection Overview - Manjaro