Installing Matlab R2021b

Hi, I’m trying to install Matlab by using the installation software. When I run the installer, I get this:

.../matlab_R2021b_glnxa64/bin/glnxa64/MathWorksProductInstaller: error while loading shared libraries: .../matlab_R2021b_glnxa64/bin/glnxa64/ file too short

I know Manjaro is not officially supported by Matlab, but I’ve seen people using it without problems, should I use the AUR package? Maybe try an older version?

I would like to hear your experiences using Matlab on Manjaro

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Certify that you have Wine installed, it’s needed to run windows application over Linux.

In parallel you could give a try to use GNU Octave Software, its free and open source and it perfectly run Matlab code without any change, it does not have all tools from Matlab, but in general it fit the major part of the user needs.

From my experience, you don’t need wine. I would test the AUR, why didn’t you try this first?

Octave is a good alternative but not really a replacement.

Edit: I just saw that the AUR might be out-of-date.
The error you’re seeing is within the indtalller, are you sure you downloaded the correct file correctly?

I found the solution here

I was trying to unzip it with Ark and it didn’t work, but with unzip -X -K the problem was gone…

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