Installing Manjaro on Samsung Chromebook 3


I am wanting to get the Samsung Chromebook 3 to install Manjaro Budgie on, but I have no idea how to install linux on chromebooks. I would like to know how to install linux on chromebooks before I get it so I am prepared ahead of time. Thanks in advance!


I did this a few years ago with crouton and it actually works well. But I would do light DE like xfce?


Ok Thanks! When you did it, you chose Light DE as the window manager?


Just a couple of years ago and I did install it with Xfce. I had a Samsung Chromebook while I was traveling.


Ok! So it would be safe to assume that it would be the same with the Budgie desktop?


Sure why not. That’s how we all learn, yes? :yum: If you do it make sure to come back and report the outcome.


Ok! I definitely will!

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