Installing Manjaro on a USB drive

Hi, folks

I’m new to Manjaro and have just begun trying it on a live USB stick whilst I get more used to it. Loading it this way is a bit tedious so I was hoping someone would talk me through installing it on a second USB as if it was a HDD - a sort of portable computer?

Hope I’m explaining myself here and if this is practical and simple as I’m no expert.


Welcome to Manjaro.


Hi, Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I understand almost none of it as I’m very new to this.

But thanks anyway.


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This might help:

(10 minute read)

As I said far above my level of knowledge and if that’s the easy way!! :roll_eyes:

Continue using the standard ISO until you know more…


This is probably what you’d want to use. We have an official persistent usb version.

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