Installing Manjaro Linux on the HP X2 Detachable laptop

I decided to replace Windows 10 by linux on my HP X2 Detachable laptop and tried several linux distributions:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 failed (no ACPI, no sound, ...)
  • Fedora 30 ran OOTB, but was pretty slow, and some graphics extension weren't available (Netflix, Youtube, ... crashed on Firefox...)
  • Manjaro Linux with XFCE Desktop run OOTB.

At first Grub installation screen, booting on a USB key flashed with the last available 64-bit XFCE ISO file, I selected non-free drivers so I can adapt screen resolution, and for graphical performances.
And everything is OK: WiFi, Bluetooth, touchscreen, Webcam, and so on.

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Can you detach the screen and reattach it without the keyboard and TouchPad going, I'm currently having that problem