Installing Manjaro KDE stuck at "Starts procedure and passes 'fw_type' to other routine"

I've installed KDE before but due to some mess ups by me I decided to reinstall.
There wasn't any problem installing the first time but now its stuck at 89% at "Starts procedure and passes 'fw_type' to other routine".
Booting from a USB drive using Balena (already tried Rufus) and trying to install onto the partition made during my first install. Dual booting alongside w10 on a laptop.
I've also noticed after a certain amount of time the trackpad doesn't work and I can barely navigate with the keyboard.
Been stuck for an hour three times now :confused:

Please control the sha1sum.

Create the USB stick best with dd, Etcher or imagewriter.

I checked sha1 and it matched, and I'm using Etcher. However again it stops at 89% and my trackpad stopped working.

Try one of the new ISOs.

This worked thanks so much.

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You're very welcome.
Glad it worked!


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