Installing Manjaro KDE Sikaris no installation log - just a notice

Just a heads up:

I just installed the KDE minimal using this:
in a VM (virt-manager)

It all went well, however I wanted to watch the progress instead of the slideshow,
so I clicked the icon to show the message console,
but it never updated during the whole time.

Tried changing back to slideshow and then again back to the console - it never updated.
Just one line at the top to the effect of:
starting installation …

I also could not find anything in the installation log
which should be in ~/.cache/calamares (session.log)
if I’m not mistaken.

It was empty as well.

The installation went flawlessly apart from that.


For what it’s worth (or not):
I just installed KDE Neon using the same VM (virt-manager)

the observed behaviour was exactly the same - no log output.
So the “issue” is unlikely to be Manjaro specific

Ensure the amount of RAM assigned to the VM is larger than the ISO image size.

Although I was not aware of that condition, I always create my test VM’s with 4 GB of RAM
which is half of what is at my disposal.
My laptop has got only 8 GB.
Of course I only run one VM at a time …