Installing manjaro KDE alongside windows

I’ve trouble installing manjaro KDE alongside windows. I’ve installed it with boot partition and without boot partition but in either of the installation, after 100% installing when I reboot it directly routes into windows. And when I check my bios order, there’s no Manjaro in it, only windows is there. Pls help me out guys!!

Hey @Byri_Manoj :wink:

How did you exactly the partitioning?

sudo parted -l

When I proceeded without /boot/efi it said there may be problem while booting,
So I have partitioned some part for /boot/efi and then for snap and home.

And I’ve also tried without boot partition.

I’m installing from live USB after rebooting theres no Manjaro boot options in my bios. Just windows.

Honestly, i didn’t write this for fun:

The output of this command would be the answer :wink:

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