Installing Manjaro from USB, boots to black screen

Ryzen 5 3600, 6700 XT

I downloaded the latest Manjaro-Gnome 64 bit, and used Rufus to set up a bootable USB.

I shut down Windows 10, and entered BIOS to boot from the USB
A screen came up permitting the option between free and proprietary, I have tried both but neither affect the outcome

After selecting free/proprietary, a bunch of text runs by before the screen goes all black, with horizontal white line cursor at top left. Anything I type is immediately cleared.

After looking around on the internet, I have tried Ctrl + Alt + F2, Ctrl + Alt + F3, and F7, but they do not work.
Ctrl + Alt + F3 will flash a "Welcome to Manjaro, username ‘manjaro’ password ’ manjaro’ " screen, but it is immediately cleared.

Any way I can help debug?

Have you switched off Secure boot in your firmware and Fastboot in Windoze?

I switched off Fastboot in Windows, after trying to run the Manjaro installer again, the same problem occurred.

I looked throughout the entire BIOS, but couldn’t find a Secure boot setting. After looking online, maybe it isn’t present because the boot mode is in Legacy+UEFI, or maybe because Windows was “installed in EFI mode”?

If you don’t have it you don’t need to worry it to be switched on, I guess.

If it helps any, I afterward tried installing Fedora, and a similar thing happened. Ubuntu worked
Still would like to install Manjaro, though

Ended up installing Arch. Thanks for your help, Wollie! :slight_smile:

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