Installing Manjaro from SD to eMMC in Pinebook

Hi folks,

I broke my system and try to reinstall 20.08 to my new PBP.

I allready install Manjaro 20.08. to a SD Card and the system is running well. Can anyone tell me the dd command to flash the eMMC inside the book, that i can remove the SD card?

This one was the solution:


  1. boot from microSD
  2. open up a terminal
  3. go to the folder holding your downloaded image file
  4. get root via sudo su -
  5. run xzcat Manjaro-ARM-sway-pbpro-20.08.img.xz | dd of=/dev/mmcblk2 bs=1M status=progress conv=fsync to flash it to eMMC
  6. after it’s done reboot the pbpro and follow the initial setup wizard steps

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This is the method that worked for me, using the official manjaro-arm-flasher tool. In your case, start from step 3.

There is 1 possible “gotcha”, be aware
If you are going to use the SD as a recovery, you will have identical labels,
this is not good (sudo blkid, lsblk)
So, change one (emmc or SD), make self documenting (old-label-SD or -emmc)
e2label, dosfslabel, and change fstab and extlinux too
dosfslabel has 11 char limit

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