Installing Manjaro alongside Linux Mint

Greetings, everyone!

A couple of months back, I finally switched over to a new laptop. The first thing I did was erase all traces of Windows from it, and install Linux Mint, which I have used for quite a while in the past on a different computer.

However, I now want to orient myself a bit and learn more about other Linux distributions. After doing some research, I learned that Manjaro would be a good option to try out.

My laptop contains a 128 Gigabyte SSD (and also a 1 Terabyte HDD), and right now ± 70 Gigabyte is used by Linux Mint and my encrypted home folder, leaving about 40 Gigabyte of free space (boot loaders, swap space etc. take up the last 10 GB).

I am wondering: Is this enough to install one of the editions of Manjaro? Would it be smartest to install the XFCE edition as it seems more lightweight on disk usage, or is this not true?

Also, are there gotchas to be aware of when attempting to install Manjaro alongside an already existing Linux version?

Thank you!


I think you meant _X_FCE :wink:
But actually, we have many options, and some of the community editions (mainly WM-only) are even lighter.

But as to your question … yes 40 G is fine enough, especially if you are just testing and not installing 20 steam games on it, etc.

On this test machine with multiple browsers, image and compilation directories, a handful of games, and some backups, et al - I come in at 45 G on a KDE install. Generally, I would assume 30 G to be about the minimum for a usable install, if one were to pay attention to usage.

And as for the ‘gotchyas’ … unless you use seperate boot partitions or seperate grubs (kinda clunky) you will need to let Manjaro’s grub take over. Mint’s grub wont boot manjaro, manjaro can boot both.
(note - you may need to run another ‘sudo update-grub’ for it to pick it up after install)

Have Fun!

And remember, you can always test out in a VM if you like.

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Whoops! Yes, I did. I’ve edited my post :slight_smile: .

Thank your for your great in-depth reply! I’ll just try it out and see what happens. :smiley:

Fare thee well, and come on back if you have some more questions :slight_smile:

Though, if it is a particular issue, it may be better form to start a new topic.


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I want KFCE mmmmmm, Finger lickin linux :smiley:

I should warn, that any debian/ubuntu grub won’t be able to load arch based system (you get kernel panic), especially Manjaro, which has special patches in its own grub. However, Manjaro’s grub will boot mint. So when installing in legacy mode, mint should go first, Manjaro second. Preferably, do UEFI install (on GPT partition table), so both grubs will be intact and reside alongside in different folders of the same EFI partition. Just choose Manjaro grub from UEFI menu and you’re all set.


You will be all set until you boot Mint and it updates GRUB (assuming non-UEFI). In that case, I have followed this advice:

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