Installing Manjaro 19.0 PRE2 on secondary SSD to dual boot

I just cleared a 256 gig SSD to install Manjaro 19.0 RC2 on a system that already has the latest Windows 10 installed. My concern is making sure when Manjaro sets up grub that it does add Win 10 to Manjaro's boot menu. All my drives are GPT. Have a friend that when he attempted to install Manjaro he ended up having to bring up the drive select screen and switch between OS's there. I just want to make sure I have proper instructions for making sure Win 10 and Manjaro end up on Manjaro's boot menu after installing Manjaro. Thanks

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Do you have two disks or only one with Win10 and Manjaro?

Win 10 is on a 120 gig SSD and Manjaro is going on a 256 gig SSD, both are connected via SATA.

I have the same, the easiest way is to disconnect ssd with win, install manjaro then connect win disk, boot to manjaro and run sudo update-grub. It is the safest way I have this for months and no problem when updating win or linux

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my bad apologies win 10 is actually on a M2 its mounted on MB under the video card, and I really do not want to dismantle the system to get at it. any suggestions?

No problem you just have to be sure to install boot loader to disk where Manjaro will be. Just read option when installing.

In some firmwares (BIOS/UEFI) you can disable ports/channels individually, so if you are able to identify what port is used for the Windows disk you could disable the corresponding port before you install Manjaro on the other disk.


True. I'll check my manual since I know I can turn off whichever sata port IO the M.2 is actually using.

Fwiw, I have never disconnect/disabled the disk with Windows in order to install Manjaro in another one. Personally I prefer using gParted to pre-partition my disk and then choose manual partitioning in the installer and point the installer to the the previously made partitions: ESP (EFI System Partition) mount at /boot/efi, one partition for root mounted at / , one partiotion for home mounted at/home and one partition for swap (no mount-point). As a precautionary measure I remove sometimes the boot,esp flag from Windows' ESP but that is actually not necessary. The installer will install the Grub in the ESP partition mounted at /boot/efi.


Yes it is not needed but it is safest and easiest way, basically you do not have to take care about it, just install,click,click,click

The only thing you would need to pay attention to, is to choose the right disk from the drop-down menu in the installer. It is easy enough to me. But to each his own.

Yes problem is if you do not know that there is this option you will not change it. When I was installing Manjaro, it always wanted to install grub to SD card....I installed Manjaro three times on the same setup (I broke it few times) and SD card was chosen all the time

The good thing is now we know and so does the OP. I just wanted to point out the option.

Manjaro 19.0 RC2 has not been released yet. Are you from the future?

I guess this one is meant:

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yes that one exactly maybe ben81 should check the forums before posting. now that said installed, listlist both os's, and looking good. thanks everyone for the help and suggestions.

Actually, this is 19.0-pre2, not rc2. It is a preview version of Manjaro 19.0. Release candidates (rc) will come later.

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honestly leave the thread and stop nitpicking over a simple typo, bye now.

@ben81 is just trying to be helpful and what he meant to say with:


Please be aware that 19.0-Pre2 is a preview for advanced users and alpha software. You should not be running this version if it is your sole OS on your machine as it is highly unstable.
Once the RC2 comes out, that is considered beta software and can be used as the sole OS by advanced users as this is just slightly unstable.

He did this because this was your first post here so you might not have been aware of this.

What you probaly meant to say with:


Thank you for your concern, but I've been using computers since before you were born and I'm installing the preview to debug the system as my main OS is Win10. :grin:

:smiley: :innocent: :wink:

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