Installing / make nvidia drivers work

Hi everyone, before telling you my problem, I’d like to say I’ve been using Manjaro for 3 days, so I’m still kinda lost but in love with it (I’m not a linux master though).
My problem is the following: I have an acer aspire nitro 5 with and Ryzen 7 and Nvidia gtx 1650. I really don’t know how to install and make the nvidia GPU the primary Graphics. what makes me think it, is that the RAM available is 5,8, for me, seams that the system is locating part of my ram for AMD integrated (VEGA) Graphics. If I’m not mistaken if NVIDIA was completely working i should see 8GB RAM available shouldn’t I?
I’ve tried installing it from hardware configuration and also have tried to install downloading drivers from NVIDIA website and following some googled tutorials, I ended up messing things. so after been trying it for 2 days i decided to come here and ask for help.
Right after installing Manjaro, I’ve downgraded the kernel to 5.4.97-1 and removed the newest because virtual machine manager is not working on the new kernel (maybe this info could help).
Any ideas to help me?

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If you are not a gamer, I strongly recommend switching to the Nouveau drivers.

Pls never ever suggest switching to Nouveau to anyone on a laptop with some recent Nvidia dGPU. This might make things worse as Nouveau is known to cause hard lockups on such laptops.
If a person really doesn’t need Nvidia device, it’s better to remove related drivers and disable it with acpi_call.

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Ok. NP!

well, after read you all, i think nobody understood me, I do need nvidia GPU, i want to make it work correctly instead of deactivating it. Also what’s causing my ram reduction is the swap partition? i didn’t understand.

Can you choose the PrimaryGPU maybe in the BIOS?

no, acer notebooks are pretty poor in options.

is there nvidia-settingns but it allows me to change absolutely nothing.