Installing Mailspring

How can I install MailSpring at Manjaro, I read this but did not understand. I’m newbie for Linux in general.

pamac build mailspring

That said - the aur page tells that the package is close to unusable - so the recommendation must be - do not install mailspring


Thanks, so it’s the ‘pamac build packsge_name’ the standard way to install packages from AUR if they are not in Manjari Octopus!

There is a snap version available, probably the easiest way to install and probably the most up to date:

sudo pacman -S snapd
sudo systemctl enable snapd
sudo systemctl start snapd
sudo snap install mailspring

To uninstall

sudo snap remove mailspring
sudo systemctl disable snapd


You probably don’t have pamac if you’re using the Plasma version of Manjaro. In this case, you can go into Octopi and install trizen from the repos. Then, still in Octopi, click Tools -> Options -> AUR, select Trizen and check the box to check for outdated packages. Click Ok.

Now Octopi has an alien button in the toolbar. This is for AUR packages. Click the alien button and then search for the AUR package you want (in this case, mailspring). Right click it and hit Install.

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Yes I use Plasma, at what distro/DE I can find pamac?

I loved the idea it’s using snap, will give it a try, thanks

You can install pamac on any Manjaro version

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I also use plasma, and I’ve never had a use for pamac. Pacman and Octopi work just fine.

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