Installing LUKS on a striped LVM

Hello everybody,

I managed to install Manjaro on a Striped Logical Volume (over 3 disks).
Basically before launching the installation (from a live usb) I prepared the LVM (base on this guide 5.2. Creating a Striped Logical Volume Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 | Red Hat Customer Portal and then simply launched the installation selecting the correct LV partition.

In an another installation I also managed to install Manjaro on a single disk but by enabling LUKS encryption.

Now I wanted to combine both LUKS encryption and Striped LVM, but I didn’t succeed.

I heard about Luks on LVM and LVM on Luks so I guess the order of which one is configured in first make the difference.

But in my case I was unable to install correctly.
In my last attempt, I prepared the Luks and the LVM beforehand on the terminal and then I did the installation using manjaro-architect. While it seemed to be installed correctly, I was unable to boot. Nothing appeared on my Computer boot menu. So I was only able to boot into the bios…

I think I should miss something…
I tried to redo that last attempt and check the configuration files, and I noticed that the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT didn’t have anything related to Luks and that GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX was empty…

I wonder if I needed to do something under chroot on the installed system?

Also since I tried to do that installation by merging many different guides, I also expect to have messed some commands…

Does anyone can explain me the steps from scratch (or if there is any guide)?
Mostly need guide about the order between the Luks related commands and the LVM related commands.

This guide Manjaro Linux: installation guide with btrfs-luks full disk encryption including /boot and auto-snapshots with Timeshift | Willi Mutschler helped me a lot for that but I was unable to adapt to my situation.

Thank you very much.

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