Installing .deb files

How to install .deb file?
P.S. : Am an begineer and manjaro is the first linux i had.


Would you like tell what you want to install, or try to search in AUR yourself. It might be available there and you don’t need to install a .deb file which is the package format for Debian, Ubuntu and their derivatives.

Here’s what Google & Wikipedia offers by way of quick background…

You might find this from Techmint of value also: deb files

Manjaro is not a Debian-based Linux; it is Arch-based. Debian packages (,deb) are not meant to be installed on Arch-based systems. Not to say it cannot be done or in rare circumstances should be done. But not by you, young grasshopper. :wink:


P.S. Tell us what it is and what it is for, so we can help find a suitable Arch package for you. :slight_smile:

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First you will have to install dpkg from aur:

yaourt -S dpkg

Then move to the folder where you put the .deb package, open a terninal there and run:

dpkg -i package.deb
(replace package with the name of .deb package)

But as others have said before is not recommended to install a .deb package to arch and arch-based distros like manjaro.


Usually I don’t recommend Manjaro to new users not that’s hard it’s quit easy but I recommend to use Ubuntu base Distros like Linux Lite or Linux Mint specially if you wanna download and install .Debs. But if you wish to continue using Manjaro here is 2 ways to install stuff in Manjaro.

  1. Pacman
    Pacman is a package manger and here is the way to do it:
    sudo pacman -S name of the program

  2. Yaourt
    Yaourt is the AUR (Arch User Repository) and here is the way to do it:
    yaourt name of the program
    Type the number where the program you want to install.
    If it ask you to edit hit “N” for no.

Hope this helps


if it is available for ubuntu your likely to find it in the aur just google the application name and add “AUR” to the name

Most packages are available in AUR, what do you want to install? Just use yaourt packagename and you’ll get the list of available packages for you to choose from. If you want a video on how to that, here’s my YouTube video:
Good luck and welcome to Manjaro :slight_smile:

yaourt got me the file. thanks :grin:

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And how to install the missing dependencies? :grin:

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The same way you install the main package.

Or change to a Debian-based distribution, if getting Debian applications to run is so important… :wink:


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If a package not in AUR or Manjaro rep.s mostly it has some dependencies not in AUR and Manjaro or it is a so specific package. Dont worry nearly you can find most of packages in GNU/Linux also in Manjaro and AUR repositories.For example,I cant install Sofa Stat. because it needs python-webkit and python-webkit not in AUR or Arch and Manjaro reps. I make request for AUR pack but firstly python-webkit should be pack :smiley: and since 2009 (AFAIK) people request python-webkit :slight_smile:

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