Installing application without upgrading current ones

Hi everyone,

Auto installing updates when trying to install new software was a reason I changed over to a more stable distro. Some updates broke the system and it didn’t boot. I could potentinaly fix it but I was in no mood for tinkering and needed work to done and so I was forced to do a clean reinstall.

After months of using POP_OS! (It is a good distro but) I really do miss Manjaro. Is there a way to disable package updates when are installing new ones?


You can add individual apps to the ignore list in pamac so they don’t get updated when you run an update. Installing apps without updating is going to give you far more issues than trying to not update though

Yup I found the options to do so and I could possibly just ignore updates for all packages. I regualry update my computer but only if I know I have everything saved in case something breaks.

Only if there was an option to install updates if the installing package requires a higher version of the dependent packages.

Sure, if you want to eventually break things. Either way, doing so is not supported. See System Maintenance - Manjaro

Thank you for your reply. I do realise it is a terrible solution and one day or another I fail to update the ignore list and might end up in trouble. I am not trying to criticise but on the other hand I ended up in trouble anyways and the rummor is people had their system break in the past even before me.

Just out of curiosity. I know it is a rolling distro but other distros (Ubuntu based) manage just fine without forced updates. There might be important fixes since the packages get updated more frequently and not all software might be well or long enough tested or just some bugs didn’t get to occur yet but still. Why did the Manjaro team choosed this approach of forcing updates?

Would you know if there is a way to make the distro more stable? Like setting and option to only install stable/LTS packages?


Because those are not rolling distros

Because this is a rolling distro, it’s how rolling distros work. Partial updates can easily ruin your installation.

The most stable way is to make sure you read the forum announcements and always do full package updates, not partial.


Ok, I’ll give Manjaro one more chance and try to be mindful and check the forum if there were any issued with the updates before updating and installing new software.

Opening the Announcements and finding posts tagged with “Stable Updates” is the place I should be looking in?