Installing an old version Wine Ver. 7.4.1 on the latest Manjaro

I have an application named DWSim from Sourcefourge which has a 32 Bit Wine Version. I had been running this application in past on my Manjaro Linux with Wine Ver. 7.4.1. Manjaro being a rolling release, the Wine is now updated to Ver. 7.11 (or so). I find that when I try to run this application in Ver. 7.11, it crashes. I Downgraded the Wine Version to 7.4 on one of my Manjaro system, the software then runs successfully on Ver. 7.4. Therefore on one of my system, I have disabled upgrade of Wine from 7.4.1.
On my other system where Ver. 7.11 is installed, I am unable to downgrade to Ver. 7.4.1 (not available in repository). So I want to know, what is the way to install Ver. 7.4.1 on this other system? It is very sure that I can not run the software without Wine Ver. 7.4. Thank you.

You can copy it from cache from computer you have it on. Or from archlinux archive.

Also, doesn’t Lutris enable you to select whichever wine version you want to use, you can even have multiple ones.

Thank you very much for your reply. What’s the path on which the software is saved on the system where that version is already installed? How to take care of the dependencies? Do I have to copy them too? Finally, how to I install the Wine version to the second manjaro computer Using Pacman?
I do not have experience of using Lutris and I am afraid I don’t know ABC of Wine and Windows systems.
Thank you very much.

As I said: in pacman’s cache.

No. They are (probably) exactly the same.

This is also covered in pacman’s wiki page. Under section ‘Additional commands’.

You can gain experience only by using it. (and reading about it)

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