Installing a Program from .Tar.bz2 file?

Kind of new to using packages like this instead of stuff directly from the store or appimages.

I have tried extracting then opening terminal, writing mkpkg but it tells me pkgbuild does not exist

I’ve tried searching around on arch wiki and I’m not totally sure how to get pkgbuild to run

Are you actually using something from the AUR, as indicated by the category?

Or is it just some random tarball from somewhere? What is it?

Oops, I guess it shouldn’t be posted in this category. It is just a file from the internet, not from the Aur as I suggested. I guess I confused pkgbuilding with the general aur store but I get it now

Fair enough … there is a category for third-party software.

On to the situation - it is likely you dont need to do what you are doing.
It may be available in the repos or AUR … either of which is preferred over manually managing something in most cases.

If you cant find it in either of those places - you should consult the documentation fro said software … it likely provides some form of instructions. The quality of them is … up to the creators.

If after these steps you still find trouble - please further explain your exact situation and what you are trying to achieve and your errors etc.