Installer needs to add vmd module to mkinitcpio - Testers Needed

I had forgotten about it after telling the team about this I’ll see if I can get something done tomorrow


Please open a separate thread under Support → Installation and Boot, since your unique system might be facing a different issue and/or a combination of issues, plus we can review the steps you took. :bowing_man:

We can continue here: Discussion about vmd module inclusion (#1) · Issues · Packages / Core / mkinitcpio · GitLab


Tomorrows build [2021-09-21] should have the fix. Please test:

Any build:

Unstable only:


Tested with an existing installation on unstable branch. No Intel NVMe hardware.

  • Installed mkinitcpio v. 30-3
  • Re-generated initramfs
  • Rebooted

As a result, the module is not even listed with a simple lsmod command.

~ >>> sudo pacman -Qi mkinitcpio | grep 'Version'; sudo lsmod | grep vmd                                                                                                                                            
Version         : 30-3

However, the directive that adds the vmd module exists under the path below on the block hook file:

>>> pwd; grep 'vmd' block                                                                                                                                                                 
    add_checked_modules 'vmd'

I know my test is not representative and probably any existing working installations won’t be either.

I guess the actual test to figure out if the issue gets resolved would be on new installations involving the affected NVMe hardware using the development images above.

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I can confirm a fresh install works on an ASUS Zenbook with vmd. Prior images had UUID errors the same as HP hardware.


21.1.4 stable ISOs should also ship now with this fix.


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