Installer GRUB doesn't load on my HP DV6

I am trying to isntall the latest Manjaro version on my laptop but I am unable to do that. I already tried using all methods to burn the .ISO to the usb. Whenever I boot the USB it goes to a black page with a text message saying “GRUB” on the top left corner. Is it possible to fix it?
Miguel de Carvalho

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More info please…

How is the usb written? Etcher? dd?
Is this UEFI or BIOS?


Hey , the computer doesn’t have UEFI, I tried using etcher, Rufus and DD

Yes, use search function from forum.
post output from
inxi -Fxxxz

I hate it when reviews on the internet don’t have a creation date.

when you get to the boot selection menu, are there 2 entries for the usb? one possibly labeled uefi? try both. etcher should be fine for writing the iso, i use it every time i make one

There is only one option

where did you get the iso from? and when? verified?

also, go into bios and look around for something that should not be. nothing? reset bios settings and start over.
disable secure boot, fast boot, etc… try again.

i have an old DV6 beats edition , collecting dust. not sure of model number. i installed manjaro on it a few months back and it worked. try wiping the usb, format it as fat32, verify there are no errors in the iso.

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I tried to boot 17.0 and it was a sucess. My problem now is to fix the upgrading issues.
Miguel de Carvalho

@philm you could help me trying to fix these grub bug. I think that it should be related to the graphics card or the resolution. Thanks

ok, so you were able to finish install, and after reboot you ran into some update issues? be more specific please. and what video issues are you referring to?

please post: use the </> button when you copy/paste terminal output so its formatted properly.
inxi -Fxxxz
cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep -E "(EE)|\(WW)|\error|\failed|\Time"

Hey mate, basically I am trying to boot the installer of manjaro. The one that I boot sucessfully was the 17.0 version (KDE).

It is a grub problem

Hi. I had the same problem, solved it today. Read this post, I hope it covers most things :slight_smile:

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