Installed things in another hard drive don't exist

Recently I changed my installing path to a HDD drive of 1 TB if I use pacman to install programs to that drive they are installed but I can’t use them.
For example krita is intalled but dont appear in programs or xorg-xkill is installed but his commands don’t work

When I say that his command don’t work I mean that they are not found, Im a linux newbie! sorry :slight_smile:

It won’t work and it is very unwise to attempt such operation when you are new to Linux.

It’s probably not working, because even though you changed your installation path, you didn’t update your regular $PATH to include the new location.


I don’t like it too but my sdd drive is almost full and the hdd has a lot of space

Thx!! Now I’ll look how to change that

A couple things you can do to save space on your SSD.

  1. Symlink “Pictures” “Videos” “Documents” etc to your HDD.

For example when I came over from Mint to manjaro I copied over my “Pictures” “Videos” and “Documents” etc folders to my storage drive. When I installed Manjaro I deleted those folders in my home folder and then entered the terminal in home and used the command

ln -s /mnt/Storage/Pictures ~/Pictures

In my example my Storage drive is mounted on a folder in /mnt called Storage which has a folder called Pictures with all of my pictures. The command creates a link in Home called Pictures which links to the folder in my other drive.

This way programs think they are putting the files in my home directory but they are immediately put in my storage drive instead.

  1. Another way is to create a partition or use another drive as your home folder. In that instance you would mount that drive instead of being say /mnt/otherdrive you would mount it as the /home directory.
    I know that is possible but I haven’t personally done it.

You can use the program Disks to help you edit the fstab file for mounting your drive or you can follow a guide. Be warned though that the fstab file can break your system if you just randomly put things in it.

There is a guide here on how to mount another partition/drive as /home

I have not personally done it as I just symlink my major folders. Hope this helps.

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You can easily offload a lot of content in your home folder by sym links.

I use that approach - for other reasons than space

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