Installed Illyria 18.0-beta-2


Although the installer said Alpha-3 the Manjaro Hello says Beta-2. Not sure I like the GTK3 Panel etc, I changed it back to xfce4 as in stable installations. More choices, but, then that is what you offer, thank you. Everything else seems to be working fine, installed my own preferential software like Google-Chrome and others. Added Linux 4.18rc1.0617.gce3 Kernel and it is fast. Trying to understand one extra setting “Kvantum Theme Manager” Any help with that would be appreciated. Did not see any notice of this as something new. I will keep you informed of any problems, this is my “New” Testing System.


I use Kvantum - what do you need to know?


The layout is a bit different, click on each layer to see what it does :smiley:

Trying out KDE, help me figure out Kvantum

what’s the resource usage like with KVantum compared to standard qt and gtk theme engines? similar or more demanding? SVG is obviously going to look much crisper though. I may try it out in VM at some point but am curious of your experience with it to date.


Hmn, no wonder I never saw it before. I use XFCE, not KDE or LXQT.


Dunno, hard to judge, unless I undo all my customisation, return to a base theme, take a measurement, redo all my customisations (guess what, cannot be bothered :smiley: I have enough memory :wink: )


Oh, the blur, god, im gonna die of the fancyness :smiley:.


yeah i get that :), no problem if it’s too much of an ask. I will try in VM like I said.


Can we use Kvantum to tweak Adapta-maia (like changing a background colour)?