Installed gnome terminal looks completely different than all those tutorial videos and sudo apt-get doesnt work

theres a manjaro icon with a home ~ icon in the terminal, $ is not recognised and apt-get does not seem to work. Trying to basically follow some tutorials to get things setup.

I’m a complete newbie btw so far the “add/remove” program has been great but i think i should expand a little.

apt-get is typically for debian based distros which manjaro is not. Here we use pamac and/or pacman.

Had no idea, is there anything like a discord server I can go to if I wanted to get help with ■■■■■ Like screensharing

Go to the Manjaro Home page and checkout the links under Learn. You should see items like:


  • Forum
  • Wiki Docs
  • Mini Guides
  • CheatSheet

NOTE: Always search this forum to find answers to questions. There is also a Contributions > Tutorial category with helpful information.

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Don’t follow random outdated youtube videos - and while the kernel is from the same source - and basic utilities may be the same - package management is what set various distributions apart

  • Arch and Archbased like Manjaro → pacman
  • Debian/Ubuntu → apt, apt-get, dpkg
  • RedHat/Fedora → dnf
  • SLES/openSUSE → zypper
  • Gentoo → emerge

The Rosetta stone for package managers pacman/Rosetta - ArchWiki


ok so im currently trying to update discord and i get this prompt and it asks me to download deb or linux, i chose linux because im pretty sure manjaro isnt debian and it gives me a .tar.gz file and i have no clue what to do with it.

Unpack the file in your home and run the program from there or use the system independent releases

Discord is famous for blocking users not on their release level - thus the version in the repo will stop functioning from time to time - until the upstream catches up.

Just search the forum for topics on Discord - theyare countless - and all about the same - Discord stopped functioning - like that is the end of the world.

it kinda is for me lol, will do

You’re already in the best place for getting support.

Either way, we do have an unofficial Discord channel. Did you try searching? :wink:

Use Add/Remove Software (Pamac) to check for updates, 0.0.22 is now available.

Yeah i was in it, i remember asking for stuff in support channel and i didnt get a reply so i came here.

In the terminal, type bash then enter. This should switch you from the zsh shell (modern with Manjaro icon) to the bash shell (old-school with $).
All commands you learn will be the same for zsh and bash regardless.

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