Installed a few apps, now I can’t use internet and kwallet is bugging out. Seahorse perhaps caused it?

I decided to add some new software from

I added the following: Seahorse, keepassXC,yubikey manager, etcher, Ventoy , Bootin, keepass password safe, Twillo Authy, and nmwp. All were from the Pac-Man community repository, and I just accepted through the dependencies.

Upon rebooting, everything is asking for my kwallet password. I’ve never used kwallet nor made a kwallet password… so I tried turning kwallet off. It especially was demanding this k wallet play to connect to my network.

Even after though, I’m now not able to connect to any networks. It’s asking me for the passwords on some, and on any it mentions “no secret keys found and stops.

The only thing I can imagine being tied to breaking this would be seahorse? Other than that I only installed a few live usb writers and an email client.

So it appears kwallet must be a type of keyring app. Is that disabled by default and your wallet password as well without any indication?

Any idea why it would be asking me to log into my wallet too? Shouldn’t that infer I have a wallet? I’ve been using manjaro for some months now without issues and this is the first time I’ve heard anything about a wallet

I’d gladly drop seahorse if that’s what it takes, though I don’t know why I wouldn’t be able to use it. Just trying to get my computer working again and am at a loss… really bad timing for sure