Installation with btrfs, hibernation and encryption and booting

You did it on our calamares modules, not on the main project.

What I should do then exactly? Where should I place the request? Can move or delete the old request?

Before using the auto calameres installer I formatted all partitions of my OS hard drive completely to one partition in btrfs. Maybe you have to reboot with USB-live-stick before you do the main installation.

I have tried out the configuration above and could not make it work, also with the manual configuration of the installer. It took my whole weekend to set up my computer again.
Only 2 solutions completely worked finally so far both with auto-installer part within calamares:

  1. Unencrypted
    Delete Partition
    swap with hibernation and btrfs
  2. Encrypted
    Delete partition
    no swap and btrfs
    encryption activated

It seems Calamares installer has some functional limitations.

Definitely it has. Also quite some inconsistencies as you can choose settings in the “auto-installer” which do no work.

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