Installation: UEFI to msdos; bios-legacy to GPT

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We’ve been kept busy because users are installing UEFI to msdos partitioning and bios-legacy to GPT.
While it can be done and the installer allows it, users are having problems as expected.

I repeat my request that the installer do not allow such installations or at least state a warning that this type of installation is not recommended.

I normally do not like to repeat so many times (see, nothing from me about implementation of intel-ucode ever again - oops, I just did it, didn’t I?) but it is not a good sign when we are kept busy ‘helping out’ what can be done without.

Just a gentle nodge (nodge?). [edit] - nudge!
Thanks and cheers.

with Skylake series , appears more bios-legacy - GPT than UEFI with USB 3.0 series.
my card has link TB3 - USB 3.0 (Z170X-UD5-TH) , and all theses cards made by Gigabyte cant boot with UEFI only ,
no boot on USB key ( USB 1.x or 2.x or 3 ) in UEFI only

I can understand that this can be problematic, however I don’t agree. I always use GPT with bios-legacy and it wouldn’t be great if I had to use workarounds. Or we would need two official installation methods: Calamares for beginners and manjaro-architect for experienced users.

Filed a report in calamares git
Understand you, @anon23612428. In my report, I ask for at least a warning.
BTW, is the reason you’re doing this is because you have > 3TB disk ?
If that is not the case, is there another reason?

@oberon, thanks for your comment there.

I don’t have a technical reason for it. I’ve been using GPT since years, so it’s more of a habit. Also, no worries with primary/logical paritions. MBR is so… 1980s :slight_smile:

Okay, fine with me. :slight_smile:
It’s always fine whatever any person wants to do.
As long… it doesn’t infringe on other peoples’ rights, freedom, you know…
Thanks for answering. Appreciate it. Cheers.

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