Installation stuck at waiting for 2 modules

I’m trying to install manjaro kde on an laptop, but it always gets stuck at waiting for 2 modules at 33 seconds.

I’ve reflashed the usb, connected the laptop via ethernet, waited about an hour.

I’m running in EUFI, not Legacy mode.

Also, whenever the installation gets stuck, I cannot move my cursor anymore.

It’s a ryzen cpu and radeon graphics.
I’m installing the open source drivers.

I have no idea whats causing this.

i think there is a trouble on amdgpu driver&kernel for the moment since 09/04/2021
that why it hangs on start

Is it something that only has an effect during the installation process, or does the problem also occur when you are just running manjaro?

If it’s only during the installation process I could install manjaro on the ssd (since it’s a laptop) on another pc and after I’d reinstall the correct drivers.