Installation Setup doesnt finish

Hi everyone,
i was trying to set up Manjaro Cinamon today, which worked brilliantly up to the point where i selected a partition and tried to end the setup manager.
What followed was a brief loading time, followed by the login screen, which showed up not with my username, but with default credentials (u:manjaro pw:manjaro), furthermore the settings i specified did not carry over, using the setup again and reinstalling the iso on the usb did not fix it.
In my win 11 os, which i plan to dualboot i have allocated a 80 gb partition, which i selected in the manjaro setup.
How can one fix this?
greetings, matt

it appears the iso did not save on my internal drive at all, as when i removed the usb all that was left of it was the gnu grub

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Why? You obviously stopped it in a critical step that should not be interrupted. No idea why you thought it would boot after that.

Start over and don’t break it this time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sorry, i worded that poorly
i didnt end the setup in the middle of it, i finished all the steps, what i meant was the last page of the setup manager you see is a review page showing which oartition will be used

i could imagine that manjaro cant write on the drive because of some windows setting

Disable Windows Fast Boot - and/or Hibernation

yeah i did that, this is the screen i get when i finish the setup:
postimg (dot ) cc/87pMGKtW/8940d71c

half a second later it boots me to login, without doing anything

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Have you already searched for your problem in the forum ? (Wisdom lies in reading :wink: )

thanks, but im using windows 11 , what command can i use for that?

I’m using Manjaro. Are you lost? :wink:

whenever i finish the manjaro setup,i get sent to the lockscreen without anything actually being installed, eventhoug i specified a partition in the setup.

Did you remove the USB? If not, it will boot from it again instead of your installed system.

yeah, but i dont think manjaro is even being installed, as i cant boot it after removing the usb and restarting

What does that mean? Can you login?

yes but with the default login so user manjaro and pw majaro also when i log in nothing i did in the setup was saved

the account i created isnt saved

That’s the live session credentials. You’re still booting from the live media, not your installation.

okay, now i get it.
how do i select the installed majaro instead of my windows installation?

like how do i boot the manjaro installation