Installation problem

Iam trying to install manjaro with KDE but after installation. I rebooted the system but ended up in live seesion. Manjaro is not installing. Now there is no os in my laptop


Just to make sure, so that it’s at least checked, did you remove the live ISO (the CD or flash drive) after installation?

yes I removed the flash drive. On my laptop no OS was found after removing the flash drive, Manjaro didn’t installed

can you boot on USB iso live Manjaro
open a terminal and a browser on this topic
an returns

inxi -Fza 
sudo parted -l

Finally I have successfully installed manjaro.
The problem is that It is not installing in UEFI mode with both secure boot on/off. But Installed in legacy mode with secure boot off.
In UEFI mode :
In partitioning I enabled boot flag in /boot/efi but no use

In legacy mode :
In partitioning I have enabled boot flag in /boot
Manjaro installation was success.

I don’t know why manjaro is not installing in UEFI mode.

When installing 21.0 on vm and my laptop whether its kde, gnome or xfce I had to, after installation and before reboot, go to gparted and check boot and esp flags on /boot/efi partition. I had to do that everytime when I installed which was a few times already. Last one was today with KDE on vm.

You might want to switch to UEFI with secure boot off and try again.