Installation problem


I have an Acer travelmate P243 with windows 10 x64bits; The problem the following when I enter the page to download Manjaro in the option of x64 there are 3 options which I must choose for my pc; Try with the first I did all the steps to boot in the usb but, the Grub appears but does not start Manjaro …; And I do not know what to do to install the system.


How do You install Manjaro on USB ?



Can you explain what do you mean by this? Is the grub menu show up or you weren’t succesfully boot into the usb at all…? I need more explanations on this…


That is often caused by how the image is written to the USB. Can you be specific about which of those steps you followed to get it onto the USB drive and from what OS?

Alternatively, if you used rufus make sure you wrote it in DD mode.


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