Installation problem 17.02



My mistake


Now, since you can get to grub>
Do this (get to grub prompt) and type in the following

grub> linux /boot/vmlinuz-x86_64 driver=free lang=en_US keytable=us tz=Europe/Rome
grub> initrd /boot/initramfs-x86_64.img
grub> boot

notes: I assume you’re in Rome, but you can change to whatever you’re in. If unsure, don’t worry about it. Just use Rome and we can fix it after installation.

ps: not answering your Q right now. Just proceed. If done, we’ll talk later.
Also, very late, as usual, for me here. Good night.


Oh… then you have a grub from somewhere.
See this if it can help.
Good night.


So any new (good) news so far with your old “HP-Compaq-dx220” ?


No, sorry.
Yesterday was a terrible day for me and I didn’t do anything
I’m installing the manjaro 16.10 then I’ll do the upgrades.


I installed LM 18.2 on a recent Asus M5A97-based MB.
And, to my surprise, even though i set it’s UEFI/Bios to “CSM”, and HD to “msdos”, via gparted, it still now created a “/boot/efi” partition…?
The way that Linux has been forced to succumb to these (custom-proprietary-laughable) UEFI/SB atrocities, is well atrocious.
That does make me wonder ?!
Basically, if your PC/Desktop/Laptop is that old then too bad, soooooo sad.
And if u don’t like it, then buy an iPhone/iPad/Android 'cause that’s how they will control the future Deskop/Laptop world anyway. -sry to say.
Manjaro is obviously not immune to this either.
Buy “new”-er, or fail, 'cause Linux is also giving up the ghost too.


Hi scjet,

I’m not so convicted that the problem its only related to an pc too old.
During my tests I’ve tryed to install Manjaro 17.02 into my Dell M 4700 with no results.

Probably this afternoon I’ll try to install manjaro 17.02 into a Dell optiplex 3050.


Well if it has UEFI/win10 on it and it only has one GPT-SD(SataDrive), then you know the drill by now:

-disable SB(SecureBoot) in your UEFI, but keep UEFI booting for your Manjaro USB install.
-disable fast-startup from an Administratot’s CMD-Shell, within Win10 with “powercfg /h off”.
(then reboot back into Win10 for a sanity check).
-boot-UEFI from your latest Manjaro usb and “shrink” the big ntfs partition, using Gparted.
-start the Calamares installer, create your “/” …, partitions, select and mount /dev/sda2 as your /boot/efi (boot,esp) partition, but do NOT format it, continue the installation of Manjaro.


Only to avoid ibernation during installations?
It’s not neccesary because the system stops before, here after:

Do not send me into an … :joy:


powercfg /h off disables both Fast-Startup and Hibernation, but still leaving the safer/more stable “Sleep” mode enabled


wow, so that’s now 3 different computers that you can’t install Manjaro on:
-Dell M 4700
-Dell Optiplex 3050.
…and yet you’ve had no problems booting/installing Ubuntu, …
:cry: -cryin with you.


Into my optiplex the syntax is powercfg /H and its only to avoid ibernation.


…solus and Arch


For Win10 <-


Hereafter the syntax from Internet:

Hereafter the syntax from my pc:

The syntax powercfg -h off shows an error


Then lol, show a (real-time) pic of that exact “error” please.
In fact, why didn’t you just post that error in the first place ?

It’s not “-h”, it’s “/H”, or “/h” which is just the main "switch, the “on/off” after is just the toggable option required if you need to select if you want hibernation “on” -if you hardware supports it?, or “off” if you don’t need it.
However, it maybe that there’s a uefi/bios setting tied to that proprietary DELL and Win10?, -in which case you can optionally disable it from within uefi.


I’m just hinting, that I find it really hard to believe that Manjaro can NOT install on atleast one of these 3 systems?:
-Dell M 4700
-Dell Optiplex 3050.
unless of course there may also be a problem between keyboard and chair?


Also me, but this is the status.
And keep in mind that there’s no problem with Manjaro 16.10


But, unlike the last week tests, the resolution of screen is well recognised :hugs:


…yep, I knew that.

So, as yet another couple of long shots to try?:
-JWM-Manjaro -
-Mabox -

Those (2) are both based upon Manjaro.
I’m just reaching for straws right now, just to see if anything clicks.
And of course please be mindful of uefi/SB vs msdos -depending on which of your (3) systems


Notice how you felt that the output of even that was so mysteriously unimportant. ? Why?
I don’t forget nuthin’. So, why has it been over 4 hours now?


Because I’m working in my office now, I’ve ending my summer vacations :expressionless:
The last test was done onto my office desktop but I can’t push these tests into this place and onto this machine.

Maybe this evening I’ll continue the test into my hous

Wich tool is useful for these lives to burn an USB?