installation of manjaro ARM lxqt on a raspberry pi 3

I come here because I have a raspberry pi 3 B+ v1.2

I had raspbian to install on it and everything was working fine and I wanted to install Manjaro-ARM-lxqt-rpi3-19.04 on it I decompressed the image on my microsd and started on it, it boots well at some point it stops and nothing else

message translated with deepl

i think this is hangs on fb0 ( frame buffer) for vc4 ,
coming from link HDMI or DVI ( rapberry pi3B & screen )

can you be more precise on video link

HDMI :grimaçant:

@strit , is there any vc4-dkms-3d in the iso manjaro ?

comment le vérifier ?

dans config.txt il n'y a que:

No. Nor do Arch Linux ARM or the AUR.

How did you burn the image to the SD card?
I recommend using Etcher or DD directly.

maybe see this wiki

about video & config

Yeah. I have.
All the settings in that wiki is getting used in Manjaro ARM.
Video driver package and the Audio stuff too.

problème résolue en fait j'avais décompresser direct sur la microsd donc j,ai recommencer en utilisant etcher et sa marche

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