Installation Manjaro on internal Pinebook Pro drive

Hi all,

I have just received my Pinebook Pro and would like to replace the installed Debian version with Manjaro. I find multiple methods of installing, but none seem to explain simply how to install Pinebook Pro to the internal drive (default) to replace Debian.

Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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Easiest way is to use the emmc-installer images. Write one to SD, boot up, and it should guide you through installation onto the eMMC.

Thanks for that. Just to be sure; this is the standard image from the download page I assume?
What I did is download that one (from Debian default install) - DD onto SDCard - Booted from SDCard.
The installer only finished an install to the SDCard, but did not give me the option to install to the internal drive though.

@realmain Thank you. I now understand that I have to download the version with eMMC in the link.
What is the official version from the download pages meant for? I downloaded that one earlier, which is 300MB smaller, but didn't seem to have an option to install to the internal drive.

No. The eMMC installer is an image present in the same folder on OSDN. It is not linked on the webpage by default, but if you follow the link in the forum post of the release you will see the folder content.

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Thank you for the explanation. I was able to install the emmc version.

For me as a novice to this operating system, I came to the Manjaro webpage, downloads, found the standard download for the image there, downloaded the general user guide (since there's no how-to on the download page) and got stuck because there is no info on this particular setup. Searched the forums, then got confused about the difference between the 2 versions, went on Pinebook Telegram where someone explained me.

I think it would be useful if the download page contains the two image versions with a brief explanation and how-to (or reference to an updated user guide). What do think? I could write an update to the user guide or a how-to to include this info if you like.

Agree, was a bit unclear myself. I started with the standard image and had it booted from SD on new PBP but was like "OK how to get on EMMC?, lots of searches kept referencing DD but nothing was super clear. I know image is labeled "emmc installer" but I kind of had impression it was for writing to an emmc that was pulled from system and written by another system using a USB emmc reader.

Anyway, my confusion aside, Manjaro ARM is great and I appreciate all the hard work. Thank you.

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