Installation manjaro gnome alongside files unable to find

Have been working on a document but after updating manjaro system wouldn’t start. Decided to install a fresh majaro alongside but can’t find my document. There must be a solution but till now. I’m stuck.

How exactly can we help if you cannot remember where you saved your document…
Let me guess: you saved at home, but everything was on one partition, so now you have another home. If you open the file explorer it will show you other drives in the side panel, sometimes on desktop too. So look there for your old home.

That is option 1, if you really installed “alongside”, that is, on another partition. Option 2: If you have overwritten the old one - than it is gone. (restoration is only theoretically possible, i would not bother if after partition deletion another partition or os was installed, that means, on that disk was written a lot.)


Thanks for the reply. I saved my document to " documents" and then did the alongside installation. May be I made the mistake to rename the new like the old. Have been looking in “other location” but unable to recover.

Costly mistake.