Installation linux-pf in Manjaro

hi guys,

does some of you know howto install linux-pf in manjaro?
I did it now with the archlinuxcn repo but have some dependency probs with nvidia-pf and nvidia-utils.

would be nice if someone could tell me the right way to install it.

thx community
greetings mac

nvidia-pf you can find in the AUR.
nvidia-utils package is in the manjaro-repos, but I can’t say if they will play with -pf. You might want to try nvidia-utils from Arch extra … ?

thx…but this breaks nvidia-libgl

Simply use DKMS build for external modules instead of binary package.
Manjaro have customized PKGBUILDs for drivers, thats why conflict.

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what packages can I use for dkms nvidia…bbswitch and virtualbox is already dkms´ed

ok that worked…but i had to do a pkg-ignore on the nvidia-utils package in pacman.conf

ok I gave up to use pf-kernel…my laptop power usage raised to 30watts powertop from 16watt at stock kernel…the faster responsivness is not worth a hotter laptop :slight_smile:

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