Installation issue with 17.0.2 and Alienware 13R3 OLED


Hi dears,
I would like enjoy of Manjaro but there is no way at all where e.g. with Debian based distro I have no that problems.
With and without free driver at boot the installation stops for a kernel panic as below…

Kernel panic - not syncing: timeout Not all CPUs entered broadcast exception handler
Shutting down cpus with NMI
Kernel Offset: disable
Rebotting in 30 seconds…

How can I fix it?



Googling around there seems to be some issues with SpeedStep. Try going into your BIOS and disabling SpeedStep, install Manjaro, update Manjaro, reboot so hopefully the latest firmware gets updated, shutdown the machine, renable SpeedStep and see if everything still works.


good morning. Unfortunately it doesn’t work… exactly the same issue also disabling the SpeedStep in the BIOS. I don’t really how to go ahead.
I have the latest BIOS available over at dell portal. I am attaching a screenshot.