Installation fails... does not remember

Manjaro does not install when I follow all instructions.

I am running Windows 10 with all the most current updates etc.

I’m using VirtualBox 6.1

I have created a virtual machine with these settings:

Name and operating system:
Name: Linux Manjaro XFCE
Machine Folder: c:\Users\jbeck\VirtualBox VMs
Type: Linux
Version: Arch Linux (64-bit)
Memory size: 3072MB
Create a virtual hard disk now: Create (yes)
Hard disk file type: VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image)
Storage on physical hard disk: Fixed size
File location and size: C:\Users\jbeck\VirtualBox VMs\Linux Manjaro XFCE\Linux Manjaro XFCE.vdi
Size: 30GB

Now when I start the machine, Manjaro loads, I go through all the steps… I get the first screen that has the “Install” option. I pick Install… I go through all the steps… name, password, I do not pick start without login/password, I do pick same password for administrator, etc… then it says all done. I select the “Restart” option.

When Manjaro restarts… it does not ask for my password… when I try to update an app, it tells me my password is incorrect.


hey, remove the ISO file in virtualbox :wink: It boots again from the install disk :slight_smile:

? I’m dumb… remove the ISO file in VituralBox?

and how do i do that pray tell? :slight_smile:

Peek 2020-10-10 04-12

I’m sorry… I don’t speak your language :frowning: Can you give me a step by step

What is “Massenspeicher”??

Sorry… now in english:

Peek 2020-10-10 04-21

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SIGH! To many MOVING images… can some one simply give me a text step by step process??

I guess not… :frowning:

ANYONE can help???

I guess not… oh well… back to Windows

Yepp it is virtualbox issue. And no, here is no support for Windows.

You said:

And dumb people need pictures… or not?


so how does one remove the ISO file from VB???

  1. Click on [OPTICAL DRIVE]
  2. Click on “Remove disk from virtual drive”
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wtf, you literally have a gif showing you how to do.



Thanks for all the tips. I’ve got Manjaro installed. Now I’m trying to install VboxGuestAdditions.iso. I get this error message: “Unable to insert the virtual optical disk C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VboxGuestAsdsirions.iso into the machine Linux Manjaro.” The VboxGuestAdditions.iso does indeed live at C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox, so I am missing something here. Any tips would be appreciated.

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