Installation Failed ~ The installer failed to create partition on disk

Hello guys!!

I need some help here, i was trying to install Manjaro in an old laptop all day today :stuck_out_tongue:

I find my old laptop Acer Aspire 571G.
The screen of this laptop is broken.
It have an old HDD with Windows in it.
I connect the laptop through a HDMI cable on a TV Screen and Windows start without problems.

I decided to put a new SSD on this laptop to install Manjaro.
I made a bootable USB with Manjaro OS.

Manjaro boot through the USB and start the Installation. When the installation trying to make partitions it gives this ERROR.

Any ideas??

If you have previously installed another Linux distribution using LVM - you create a new partition table.

Ensure your firmware is set to AHCI.

Thank you for quick reply!

I dont have installed another Linux distro using LVM...

I will try to set firmware to AHCI!

No...AHCI mode is set by default in BIOS...
Error still exist...

is there any windows and hibernation on disk ?

Absolutely nothing, the disk is new.

Never installed anything on it.

so use Gparted before to format

I cant do anything...
The disk sometimes don't recognized by BIOS.

If i try to install windows on the old HDD (With windows on it)...
I can't...

is the HDD dying ?

Perhaps completely unrelated but I too was doing a fresh install of Manjaro GNOME a day ago so I'll add my two cents in case someone might see this and immediately know what's going on here. Initially I had this same problem (also using LVM). However, when doing the install through Manjaro Architect I ran into a missing manjaro gnome theme dependency (I didn't pay much attention to it - removed the gnome theme from package install list and proceeded).

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