Installation Failed Manjaro KDE 20.1

Trying to do a fresh install of KDE on a Dell Laptop and I cant figure out what is going on here. Calamares hangs for a minute on the very first screen. Then after I get passed creating user and click install it goes to this installation failed notification? Anyone have any idea what is going on here? Thank You in advance!!IMG_0315

Seems it failed to create a MSDOS partiontable. You can get version 20.1.1, which got released from here and try again. Also you may use the partitionmanager on the ISO to create that table for you.

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Thank You very much @philm. I’ll try the new iso first. That same problem happens when I try to partition manually as well?

@philm Loaded up the new iso and still had the same results. I then took your other advice created MSDOS Partion and that solved my issue. Thank You very much.

Ya, sometimes with fresh harddrives some issues my occur when not formatted correctly …

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