Installation failed: could not prepare boot variable: function not implemented

my manjaro installation always fails at grub installation with command ‘grub-install --target…’ returned non zero exit status
coud not prepare boot variable:function not implemented
grub-install: error: efibootmgr failed to register the boot entry: input/output error.
any ideas?

Did you set a “boot/efi” partition and format it “fat32” and set “boot” and “esp” flags

There is no esp flag i only have the boot one and I already checked it before install

I know blame Calamares “Gparted” can set it.
Best to use gparted to format and set flags, don’t format at all in calamares, just set mount points.

So do i use gparted to format and set flags?

I’m trying to do it but the option don’t let me use gparted to format

i did formatted and selected the tags but still has the same issue

Size of “boot/efi” partition?
File type of partition?
Flags set?

Flags shown?
Mount point set?

I fixed the problem! It was because my hard disk was mbr so I had to convert it to gpt. Thanks anyway for the help!

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